Amarok’s Song, 1999

1999, 75 min

He was registered by the government as Samson Quinangnaq, but Amarok – “Wolf” in Inuktitut – is his true hunter’s name.

He was of the Okusuqsalikmiut, the Soapstone People, who lived along the Back River in the so-called Barrenlands west of the Hudson’s Bay.

When repeated famines struck in the 1950’s, Amarok and his family were moved from their traditional lands into the nascent settlement of Baker Lake, and their lives changed forever.

This is the story of their survival, and their revival, as artists and hunters whose indomitable spirit carried them through some very difficult decades.

With my Inuk co-director Tunalaq (Martin) Kreelak, we go on a journey with four generations of a proud people who turn a corner to face a better future.

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