Born in Norway, Ole Gjerstad traveled the seven seas, mined for silver and logged giant Canadian timber before becoming an anthropologist, writer, radio broadcaster and filmmaker. He has lived and worked in Africa, the United States, Europe, and is now based in Montreal and Baffin Island, Canada.

Ole’s film and television work is informed by his interest in history, the environment, social justice and the human condition. Working for Pacifica Radio in the US, Radio Mozambique, CBC/Radio Canada International and the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, he developed skills as a trainer and media educator. His role as filmmaker is often that of a mediator between indigenous people with stories to tell and a wider audience around the world.

Ole has made some 40 full-length documentaries and an equal number of series segments.  His work has won at HotDocs, Gemeaux/Geminis, Unesco Grand Prix, Jules Verne, Golden Sheaf and other awards.

Email: ole DOT gjerstad @ gmail DOT com